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About Us

Advanced Allergy Relief exists to prove that your body is capable of amazing feats of healing. We are a team committed to whole-body health and to cheering you on as you become the best “you,” you can be.

We had our start back in 2007 when our founder, Dr. Dylan Foster, tested and expanded a new treatment for allergies. This led to the resolution of his wife and daughter’s migraines and asathma.

We pride ourselves on being a natural alternative to conventional allergy treatments. Using modern technology this technique has helped thousands in Arizona, the nation and other countries, become allergy-symptom free!

In 2019 Dr. Foster retired from patient care. But, not after passing his learnings and experience to his protégé and colleague Dr. April Maize. Both Dylan and April are committed to keeping and growing this amazing technique so many more can help their bodies overcome the growing allergy epidemic.


Dr. April Maize

Dr. April’s love for health and natural medicine started with her family.  She grew up guided by a no sugar, “veggies-first” diet and a commitment to competitive sports.  Her father played on the Canadian National Volleyball team and Dr. April followed in his footsteps playing Division 1 NCAA volleyball at Oral Roberts University.

Naturopathic medicine was an easy choice over conventional medical school and this decision helped shape her personal health and the well-being of thousands here in the US and in Canada.

Early in Dr. April’s career, she showed symptoms and positive markers for autoimmune disease. This led to her deep dive into GI health, hormones and the immune system.  She is happy to be experiencing health with abundance…and desires that others experience the same.

Outside of work, you will find Dr. April pursuing quality hiking trail time with her husband, involved with church, making award-winning chili and always reading.

  • B.Sc. Sports Medicine, With Honors, Oral Roberts University (Tulsa, OK 2004)
  • Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (Phoenix, AZ 2010)
  • Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner (Federal Way, WA, pending)

Dr. Dylan Foster

Dylan Foster, DC is the founder of the allergy technique practiced at Advanced Allergy Relief and Wellness Center in 2007. This success was the culmination of years trying to help his wife Shawna overcome migraines and his daughter overcome asthma.  As they saw relief from their symptoms, Dr. Foster expanded this treatment to others suffering from allergies/food sensitivities and environmental allergies.

As of 2020, Dr. Foster is no longer seeing patients but remains a valued consultant. He has put his years of experience with supplements and patient care into beginning his own line of Post Chemo Nutrition therapies.

Doctor of Chiropractic, Life Chiropractic College West (Hayward, CA)

Doctor of Pastoral Medicine

Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

Our Special Team

Judy Pollard

Office Manager

For over 30-years, Judy has been an essential part of health clinics.  She began her career in Dayton, Ohio before escaping the winter and moving to Arizona. Judy joined the staff at Advanced Allergy Relief over 10 years ago and has been keeping everything on point ever since.  When Judy isn’t at the office you’ll likely find her managing the volunteer teams at an animal rescue clinic.

Michael Maize

Patient Experience

Michael brings years of sales and marketing experience from the organic food industry and, most recently, Regional Management at Tesla Motors. He gladly finds himself being the test subject for new things and is always open to hearing about what’s new in the health world.  Please note, if the office is ever behind schedule it’s likely due to Michael chatting with patients and their family.



You won’t find Mia at the office (obviously) but know that our office mascot and fur baby is a big reason why we’re so passionate about allergies. Countless families have been able to introduce new pets into their lives after we help their pet-related allergy symptoms.