ADH Disorder (ADHD)

At Advanced Allergy Relief and Wellness Center in Phoenix, AZ we focus on all 6 steps of healing. This in turn helps maximize the body’s potential for function, including focus! So for people that have ADHD there is usually many components that have led to it.

Some examples of people dealing with ADHD of what I have seen and found are:

  1. Allergies/Sensitivities – especially to sugars, grains, dairy, soy and food colorings.
  2. Nutritional deficiencies – especially from Omega 3’s DHA, Vitamin D, B vitamins and Probiotics.
  3. Parental guidance – I feel bad for saying this, but some ADHD kids i have seen have parents that literally let the child rule the nest and do what he or she wants. Children need routines, discipline and focus activities for the brain to develop properly.
  4. Exercise – todays school system forces young children with tons of energy to sit still all day long, then go home and sit still while doing homework, eating dinner then watching tv. This is ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE AND WRONG! Children need to be active!
  5. Poor Diet choices – part of the nutritional deficiencies category but needs addressed! Can’t eat processed refined foods that have NO nutritional value and expect a child to develop properly. That’s like putting a plant into nutrient depleted dirt and expecting it to grow big and healthy!
  6. Hormonal Imbalances – hormones and endocrine glands off balance can cause a person to lose focus and attention quite easily.


There are many more factors and components, however these are the most common culprits that I have found and dealt with. Then again, sometimes a child just has lots of great ideas, questions and is very intelligent while other people around him or her just want to keep this child quiet and follow the rules.


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