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Why We Are Different:
In 2007 Dr. Dylan Foster, D.C. began to intensely study different natural ways on how to deal with allergies.  Why?  Because his new step daughter having severe chronic asthma and his new wife having chronic migraines 3 days a week was not acceptable to him.  After extensive trainings, research and investments, he was able to help his step daughter and wife with their problems.  After that, he made it a mission and passion to help others through a Functional Medicine type of approach vs simply just treating symptoms.  Like they had both done their whole lives, yet they only got worse.

With our office focusing on these Allergies and Sensitivities, it is also important to us in helping people understand, address and correct many of the hidden things that may have damaged their nervous system which may have led to them developing allergies in the first place.

Bottom line is if you don’t change your ways that caused the problems to begin with, no matter who you see and how great they are, your problems will always come back!

Allergies are an error! The body is simply reacting inappropriately to a completely harmless substance, food or stimuli. STRESSORS are substances, foods or stimuli that place STRESS upon your nervous system when ever you are exposed to them. Many of these STRESSORS can cause symptoms of allergies and sensitivities, as well as many other health related conditions!  Inflammation is the key culprit.

At Advanced Allergy Relief & Wellness Center we work towards retraining your body to accept these STRESSORS as being safe and by no longer perceiving them as a threat. We do not treat and chase the symptoms, rather we get to the core of the problem… the nervous system’s inappropriate response to these STRESSORS.

We treat the person, not the condition.

This is done as a healing process and is not a “write a check, take a pill, do a treatment and you should be all better process”. Healing is a process that does take time when you are doing it right. Remember if it took you so many years to get you to where you are at, you can’t expect to be better in just a few office visits! It took you time to get sick, it will take you time to get better and if you are looking for shortcuts, you will never find it!

Reprogramming the human nervous system is achieved through 4 steps within our office via the calming or relaxation of your nervous system WHILE you are exposed to the stressor. All steps are also accomplished simultaneously during the stimulation/relaxation of your nervous system through postural proprioception, stimulation and relaxation techniques:

  1. Gentle pressure through massage like percussion is used to stimulate the nervous system along the spinal column. Thus helping feel good endorphins and enkephalins to be released by your body providing a self induced calming effect.
  2. A cold class IIIA laser combined with the frequencies of the STRESSOR family is used to stimulate, or calm and strengthen the body’s major organ and nervous system. This is done by targeting the central and peripheral nervous system.
  3. Specific breathing patterns take place to also aid in calming the nervous system internally. Similarly used in Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation and Lamaze.
  4. All of these above steps are done in sequence at the exact same time that we are also exposing you to the safe levels of the digital frequencies of whatever family it is that you are being treated for (the stressors). Such as Gluten, Dairy, Dogs, Pollens, etc…


This treatment has shown consistent results within our office since 2007!  


We rely on referrals for our business so please share your positive results with others so we can continue to stay in business helping others just like you, or even worse.


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