Dr. April Maize

Dr. April Maize, NMD has been a lifelong student of ‘whole person health’. She pursued athletics and sports medicine at Oral Roberts University (Tulsa, OK). Here she developed a growing interest in medicine beyond symptom-suppression for chronic disease. Her professional training as a Naturopathic Doctor began in Arizona (graduated from SCNM in 2010) after which she moved to the northwest to practice integrative oncology and family medicine with an emphasis in women’s health, chronic fatigue and metabolism. She continues with her family practice focus at Advanced Allergy Relief and Wellness Center.

Outside of work, you will find Dr. Maize pursuing life wholeheartedly: quality hiking trail time with her husband, attending a weekend  church service or seminar, eating organic nutrient-dense food, enjoying the company of friends and family, and reading a good book.

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