Electromagnetic Field

‚ÄčElectrical pollution is killing us. Power lines, air wave communication, fluorescent lights, computers, cell phones, A.C. Electricity, WiFi, and even hair dryers – are negatively affecting our health and energy.

The potentially harmful electromagnetic field (EMF) caused by electricity interferes with our own energy field and nervous system.

This can lead to many people feeling weak, have headaches or just feel ill when they are around any or all of these cellular disruptors. They may never feel as good as they would like to. It is often this electromagnetic pollution causing these feelings.

Our bodies have their own electromagnetic field much like a magnet has north and south polarities. Every cell has north and south polarity that affects all functions of the cell. Our fields should be synchronized with the natural rhythms of the earth, moon and sun.

The nervous system controls and coordinates the whole body through electromagnetic energy.

What can you do about all of this electromagnetic pollution?

We have created special techniques and products that we use to help you shield yourself against harmful effects of electromagnetic pollution.

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