How does this work?

We are able to send out safe digital signals/frequencies of over 250,000 different substances through our BAX 3000 machine. Non invasively and utilizing biofeedback, we are able to determine whether or not if your body likes those signals or not. The signals that cause your body temporary weakness are what we classify as Stressors.

Treatment – each treatment takes approximately 10 minutes and consists of exposure to 1 group of these found stressors. During this time of exposure we stimulate neurological proprioceptors, run a soothing vibrating device along your back and follow a specific sequence of breathing patterns designed to kick in your parasympathetic nervous system, thus forcing you to relax to the signals along with the relaxing biofeedback system. Next, we then follow up by stimulating your central and peripheral nervous system with a Class IIIA cold laser that is intertwined with the digital signals to help solidify the re-programming. Our goal is to turn a negative stress substance and turn it into a positive substance so the body no longer has to react negatively to.


What do you test for?

We are able to test for over 250,000 different specific substances that are causing or placing stress upon your body. we are not testing a specific immunological response, rather a holistic approach for any and all stressors.


How many treatments does it take? and How soon until I feel better?

Amount of treatments definitely varies from person to person and is based upon how many allergies/sensitivities and symptoms you have, your age, and sometimes how long you have had health problems. The low average is around 6 treatments and the high average is 24 treatments. As far as how soon you will feel better, that is the hardest question for us to answer, because everyone of you will respond differently. Some will respond very quickly while others will require more work and time depending upon your specific underlying cause. Patience is definitely a virtue when it comes to removing these stressors and helping you get healthy because we don’t know which ones or how many are causing most of your symptoms. Remember, it takes 9 months to make a baby and develop a nervous system! The reason why we can’t treat everything at once is because it is too much for your nervous system to retain. It would be like reading a book and watching 1, 2 or even 3 TVs at the same time and trying to memorize ALL of them.  If we do it right the first time we will minimize your chances of having to come back in for additional treatments.


Do you guarantee my results?

Do any other medical related treatments guarantee results? We wish we could. Unfortunately there are too many variables out of our control that can cause people to develop new or re-occurring allergies such as drugs, medication, dietary habits, lifestyle, illnesses, etc.


Can you treat people that are anaphylactic?

NO! Not for the anaphylactic substances due to the fact that a re-treatment may be necessary. For a runny, nose, not a big deal, but for anaphylactic people it is the difference of life vs death. We have treated patients that are anaphylactic to certain allergens, strictly for accidental exposures, however they must sign a waiver stating that this treatment is simply for accidental exposures in the hopes it reduces the chance of an anaphylactic reaction. Under no circumstances should you give the child or allow yourself to eat or be exposed to that anaphylactic substance.


What type of sensitivities can you help me with?

Pretty much anything and everything you can think of: From all types of foods such as wheat, dairy, sugar and corn to all types of airbornes such as pollens, weeds, dogs, and pollution. We can even treat for stimuli such as sunlight, motion sickness, wind and barometric pressure. Our program also offers us the opportunity to work with stimuli such as hormones, neurotransmitters and emotions.


Can you completely eliminate allergies?

According to the American Medical Association, only drugs can treat or cure disease, and that’s how they classify allergies. They also claim once you have allergies you will always have them and you will pretty much always require costly medications. Please watch some testimonials of what our past patients have experienced with this topic.  The proper legal answer is no.  But, you can definitely get healthy, change your bodies response and see a positive change in your health through the steps we utilize in our office!


Is this a form of chiropractic treatment?

No. This is not a chiropractic treatment in the sense of being adjusted, however it is based off of a similar premise in helping remove stress from your nervous system and helping your nervous system communicate better throughout your body.


Is this covered by insurance?

Currently insurance does not cover our treatments yet they will cover shots or medications for the rest of your life. Our treatments are very affordable when compared to the cost of your health, medications, insurance co-payments, deductibles and time lost from work. 2 questions I like to ask are “What has your insurance done for you lately?” “Do you want to continue with that path or choose your own path?”

FYI – if you have a FSA (Flexible spending account) you should be able to apply our services towards that account.


Is this the same as N.A.E.T?

It is based on the same ancient Chinese premise but upgraded to the 21st Century. This exciting technological advancement takes us to a whole new level and much greater success rate than i had ever even come close to finding with N.A.E.T. I had utilized NAET for a few years before this technology came out and it provided very minimal results compared to what we do now. Kind of like computers from the 50s and Today. Sure you can get one pretty cheap, but it isn’t going to do much, so why waste your money?


How often do I need to come in for treatments?

The most we can provide is two treatments in one day and there has to be a four-hour window between treatments. It is up to you how often you come in. Our out-of-town clients will be with us twice a day, every day until they leave. Local clients also have that option. You can come in once a day, once a week or even once a month until all your found biological stressors are cleared up. It is really just up to you and how quickly you want to get these stressors removed. I just don’t recommend going more than 3 months between treatments.


How many stressors can you treat at a time?

There is a very specific protocol that we have to follow and the amount treated at one time can vary from one up to a half a dozen. We do treat these stressors in families. Ie…Dairy is 1 stressor family and consists of calcium, cottage cheese, many milks, yogurt, etc…About 115 different items are treated in just this 1 dairy treatment group/session.


What is involved with my first visit?

Plan on being in our office for at least 90 minutes. You will have a detailed and complete evaluation done and tested on all of the major stressors from most foods to most airborne substances. You will receive a FREE Detox Footbath, and 2 FREE treatments during your initial visit (1 is a system balance, the other is a stressor substance).   You will also have a detailed consultation with Dr. Dylan Foster, DC.


How should I feel after my treatments?

Everyone is different and suffers from different allergies or sensitivities. Most people don’t feel any different after a treatment, however a rare few will experience more or less energy. We have had patients instantly able to breathe through their nose for the first time in many years. We have also had others feel tired and mildly ill from detoxifying. I suggest if you are tired, your body is saying it needs to rest and heal so do what it is saying and rest until you feel better.


How long do the treatments last?

This is where things get tricky. The premise is treatments are life long. However, life is always changing and if you are exposing yourself to something that may contribute to the development of allergies, such as medications, severe stress, poor dietary habits, poor choice in vitamin supplements, GMOs, Pesticides, Toxins, etc. then some old ones or new ones may re-occur. Or if you have additional stressors needing fixed and you choose to ignore them. Hopefully for you and our goal in our office is that your treatment will be for life. The old saying, “our body is our temple” the more we take care of our bodies, the longer you will stay healthy.



Is this treatment safe?

100% safe because we aren’t exposing clients to the actual substances – just a digital biofeedback signal. You are not ingesting or breathing in any type of actual substance, therefore nothing is traveling throughout your bloodstream or digestive system to cause any negative reactions.


Is it safe for pregnant women?

Yes it is safe for pregnant women. In fact it is excellent to do when pregnant because research has shown that mothers can transmit allergies/sensitivities to the baby. If we re-program the mother there is the possibility we may reduce (if not eliminate) any sensitivities being passing on to the fetus. However, it is recommended if you are in your 3rd trimester to wait until after delivery. Also, to be safe we will not laser over the fetus at any stage.


Can children and infants be treated?

Absolutely! The older we get the more sensitivities and symptoms we typically develop. So if we get them early enough in life we should dramatically improve the quality of life for our children. I love working with children…they don’t have 30 or more years of issues and medications built up, therefore they typically respond much faster than adults.


Are you getting to the causes?

Because we are not treating or chasing symptoms, we are getting to the core of the problem for most of you and removing the stressors that your body has been dealing with for how ever long it has been. Once those stressors are calmed through our specific process they are then no longer an issue and as nearly all of our patients will tell you, many, many, many health conditions have cleared up.  There are many underlying causes and we work diligently in addressing each and every one.


How long have you been doing this for?

We were actually one of the first clinics in the country to get this digitized technology around June of 2007. However, Dr. Foster, DC. has been utilizing the Brimhall Technique since 2005 in helping people get better through the 6 Steps of Wellness through functional medicine and allergy reduction techniques using homeopathy.


Do I need to change my lifestyle?

For some of you, yes, for others, no. This depends entirely how you are currently living your life through diet, nutrition and exercise. I highly recommend that you do the best you can by eliminating genetically modified foods, eating organic, taking whole food nutritional supplements, exercising and maintaining a positive outlook in life. We will be happy to advise you on these issues and steps in much more detail. Remember, your body is your temple. The more you take care of it, the more it will take care of you!  We will help determine how important this will be fore you on your initial visit.


Why do people get allergies?

Numerous theories point to Global warming, hygiene (too many antibacterials that takeaway from and suppress your natural immune system), medications, processed and refined foods, emotional and physical stress, genetically modified foods and man made chemicals found in most foods.



How quickly does the treatment work?

Typically the treatment is in full effect anywhere from three hours to three days after your visit. Some patients experience immediate changes while others will need to clear up other families before they notice significant changes. Some people may notice changes quickly, while others may not notice until closer to the end. Everyone is different and when you work towards healing vs symptom chasing, patience is truly a virtue!


What type of symptoms can come from these Sensitivities or Stressors?

Anything and everything that you can possibly think of! Sensitivities or Stressors affect our nervous system and our nervous system controls EVERYTHING. So not only can we suffer from the stuffy nose and itchy eyes but we can also suffer from major digestive disorders, mental distress, physical distress, etc. in fact, according to the New England Journal of Medicine, allergies cause inflammation, and this inflammation can lead to over 50 different chronic diseases!!!


Is there a waiting period after the treatment before exposure?

YES, after your treatment, you have to wait 3 hours before you can be exposed to whatever it was that we had treated. Airborne substances means for you to minimize all forms of that family exposure. When we treat you for a food substance, you have to avoid all eating and sometimes drinking for 3 hours after the treatment.


Do medications cause allergies or sensitivities?

We’ve had numerous clients tell us they used to have only a few allergies and over the years after taking their medications developed MANY more. Some suspect that when we take so many medications we suppress our nervous system thus allowing for an allergic response to begin to develop or take place. That suppression leaves us susceptible to new allergens and disease. Look at the warning label on any allergy medication and you’ll see a lengthy list of side effects. We call them “additional effects”.



My medical allergy tests said I was fine to an allergen but I know I suffer from it, can you check?

Yes. If your nervous system is responding negatively to a specific substance, chances are very high that we will not only be able to find it, but also help calm your nervous system to no longer respond negatively to it any longer.


Is there a fee if I cancel my appointment?

To help assure all our patients get equal treatment time and care, a 24-hour cancellation of your appointment is required. A Late Cancellation or No Show Fee will be charged 50% of that specific office visit procedure fee. Late arrivals may also result in a cancellation fee. So please be on time or give us 24 hours notice if you can not make it. Our time and your time slots are very valuable to many anxious patients.


Why do i need to put down a $50 initial deposit?


We also ALWAYS charge a $50 Initial deposit towards your first visit in order to hold your slot. We reserve a 2 hour slot out of our day for your initial visit and want to be sure that you are 100% sure you will be here. This is a non refundable deposit and if you are unable to make your appointment time, it can be used for another day so long as you give a 48 hour notice before your scheduled appointment. If no 48 hour notice, that deposit is no longer able to be refunded or used towards another visit on another day.  Our time is limited and appointments taken up will keep others from being able to benefit from our service if someone doesn’t show.



These questions and answers are based strictly off of the personal opinion of Dr. Dylan Foster, DC. This is information and answers that he has postulated, theorized and studied over the years as well as what he has seen and experienced through his treatments with thousands of patients. Again, nothing on this page or website is meant to be used to diagnose, treat or cure any type of disease, allergy or condition.

For additional questions please email us.

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