Hormones Control

Our hormones can get thrown off quite easily from pretty much any and everything that we eat, breathe and put onto our skin. We have so many hormone disrupting chemicals in our environment right now that it is truly scary.

When addressing hormone imbalances, it is easy to do the traditional:

  • Do some blood, saliva or urine tests – from that give some medications or supplements to treat what you found.

We go beyond just treating the symptom, we want to get to the cause. In other words, help you learn what caused the problem to begin with so you aren’t on that “Dreaded Treadmill” fixing your hormones on a continual basis with a few breaks here and there.

Of course we will be ordering some detailed labs, however we will be focusing on getting your body back on track with a proper Functional Wellness Regimen, in turn get you so you are able to take control of your health, not need us and be well educated as to knowing what caused your hormone imbalance to begin with.

Hormones control, dictate and regulate pretty much every function in your body. To suppress, over stimulate or reproduce them on a regular basis is just a disaster waiting to happen.

Get involved with us through a functional medicine approach and address all 6 steps that led you to where you are today so you don’t have to repeat it!











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