How Allergy Treatment Works




Let’s start with the first obvious question – just what are allergies? The word “allergy” comes from the Greek allos, meaning “other.” Allergies are nothing more than a physiological error (to the ‘other’). The body reacts negatively to what should be, a completely harmless substances, foods or stimuli. This can occur through contact with the skin, inhalation, injection or ingestion of a substance.

The REAL QUESTION we should all be asking ourselves is “WHY DO WE HAVE THESE ALLERGIES?” For the most part – it is an autoimmune response to these completely harmless substances in which your body, when exposed, goes into a protective fighting mode. It is ultimately YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM that is working very well, in fact TOO WELL!

Most people will take medications to suppress their immune system, unfortunately this is a disaster waiting to happen for the sheer fact that you are training your immune system that you don’t need it anymore. So suppression should never be the answer!

The answer to why you have these allergies in Phoenix can be very complex and there are literally hundreds of not thousands of reasons as to why we have allergies and sensitivities. Most, if not all of these causative factors are addressed in our Functional Wellness Program where we focus on not just getting you to feel and function better, but most importantly, we also want to make sure you understand where, why or how you got these issues or problems to begin with so that it doesn’t turn into a chronic reoccuring issue. Ultimately we want YOU to be able to take control over your own lives and health vs relying on too many doctors that may have other motives and incentives over and above your health.

We are inundated with television, magazine and newspaper ads from pharmaceutical companies trying to convince us we need medications to temporarily reduce symptoms of allergic reactions. How are they going to keep generating billions of dollars in repeat sales if they create medications or treatments that eliminate Phoenix allergies? Unfortunately it is not in the best interest of the medical community to find any type of cure or fix or even address the causes of Allergies if they are able to continually make TRILLIONS of dollars by just continuing to treat allergies.

The worst part is that if you are having symptoms of Allergies or Sensitivities, this is your body’s warning sign to you that something is going wrong. By ignoring or suppressing these symptoms, that will only lead to many more major health challenges down the road because your body will continue to make unhealthy damaged cells year after year. That can only go on for so long before you wake up one day with some serious health challenges and completely changing your way of life as you knew it. Bottom line – Allergies and Sensitivities can cause an enormous amount of inflammation, and as we all know, inflammation is the major culprit or cause of pretty much every major disease you can think of! AND NO taking aspirin does not reduce enough of that inflammation nor does it get to the cause. Aspirin will just compound your problems with severe digestive issues and potentially even stomach cancers.



Ultimately the most common reasons for how we get allergies and sensitivities are:

  1. Chemical Exposures Leading to Inflammation – These are toxins that we are exposed to on both a daily basis, as well as some extreme acute basis. They do some serious damage to our health and DNA. Most people expect these toxins to show an instant consequence, unfortunately it is more of a cumulative effect, which is why toxins and chemicals are so dangerous due to the sheer fact we don’t see or feel it happening right away. This causes your body to be in a chronic state of inflammation, which most people know is the main cause of most health problems.  If you look under the “Toxins” section in the “Conditions” Tab you will learn much more about this topic.
  2. Emotional Traumas – Everyone handles emotional issues differently. For some, a little spilled milk is no big deal, while for others it can be like it is the end of the world. How we perceive our world puts a dramatic effect on our health and how our bodies function. A good example is if you are fine with dogs, then one day you get scared by a dog for whatever reason. This scared effect can train your nervous system into protecting you from dogs, thus from then on out you can have an allergy type of reaction to dogs. You can learn more about this under the “Emotion” Section of the “Wellness” tab.
  3. Structural – Most people take the health of their bodies for granted. Many people never exercise, stay active or keep their spinal column in alignment. Neglecting these things can negatively effect your nervous system and how it communicated to your body and organs. The more negativity that takes place the more likely you will begin to develop immune system, organ system or other health related issues. You can learn more about this under the “Structure” section of the “Wellness” tab.
  4. Nutritional deficiencies – This is very common in America. In fact I personally feel that 100% of my patients that have health related issues of some sort will have a pretty significant level of nutritional deficiencies. These occur for many reasons such as taking medications, not eating right, not eating the right things, ignoring health symptoms and so on. If you are deficient in any vitamin, mineral, amino acid, enzyme, bacteria, etc then there is no way your body will allow you to fully heal. But this can also cause your body to not recognize the world right, thus leading to allergies or sensitivities.
  5. Acquired – We can also acquire allergies from our parents. If one parent has them we have a small chance of getting them, if both parents have them, we then have a very high chance of getting them. Fortunately this is still causes the same negative effect on our bodies, thus can still be retrained through proper functional wellness programs.

For those of you that join us in our functional wellness program, we will definitely be addressing these causative factors in great detail.

The more you know, the better off you will be!

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