New Patient Forms & Fees

Office Fees:

There are many different fees in our office, and they all vary dramatically from lab work, diagnostics, structural treatments to physical treatments, etc…  However our primary focus in our practice is on the 2 biggest Health Concerns and needs for most health ailments.  Both contribute significantly to INFLAMMATION

  1. INITIAL ALLERGY/SENSITIVITY NEW PATIENT VISIT:  Includes a Detailed Testing of over 1000 food sensitivities, Detox Footbath. Thorough Detailed Consultation with Dr. Foster, Health Education, Game plan for your goals to achieve better health, additional future testing and an initial treatment of the first food group that came up during testing.  Plan on being at our office up to 2 hours for this initial Visit for only $500.    
    • ADDITIONAL TREATMENTS:  All treatments after that are $120 each  (Everyone is different and the amount of treatments can range typically from 5 to 25).
  2. TRUE CELLULAR DETOX INITIAL TESTING:  An in office, non invasive 3 part test.  1. MetaOxy Urine Test for internal Cellular Inflammation of your “whole” bodies level of inflammation.   2. NTQ (neurotoxic questionnaire) for a detailed score oriented questionnaire with questions based on toxins and inflammation as to how it is effecting your life as well as your personal subjective value to see where you currently are at and where we need to get you to go for better health.  3. a VCS (Visual Contrast Sensitivity Test) to see how your brain is doing regarding Toxins, infections, inflammation or even nutritional deficiencies.  (These all effect contrast vision)  All 3 Tests are $300.

Please see front office staff for any additional questions regarding fees, policies, requirements and protocols.



We know that your time is valuable. That’s why we offer a simplified office experience with online patient forms that you can complete prior to your appointment. You’ll spend less time in the waiting area, streamlining your initial visit. These forms help us better understand your background, allowing us to provide you with the most effective care possible. As always, please do not hesitate to contact us is you have any questions about patient forms or your appointment.

Please note that you’ll need the latest version of adobe acrobat to download all patient forms.

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