Other Treatments

Hormones Control

Our hormones can get thrown off quite easily from pretty much any and everything that we eat, breathe and put onto our skin. We have so many hormone disrupting chemicals in our environment right now that it is truly scary. When addressing hormone imbalances, it is...

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Thyroid problems

Unfortunately, this is a VERY common condition in the US now for many different reasons.  Fortunately, we get to help MANY people with this on a pretty regular basis by focusing on all 6 steps of wellness through a functional medicine approach by addressing the person...

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Remove Toxins

We are constantly exposed to an enormous amount of toxins on a continual DAILY basis!   TOXINS ARE THE MAJOR CAUSATIVE FACTOR TO MOST OF OUR HEALTH PROBLEMS!!!!! These come from many sources in our lives without us even knowing it! Some such examples are: FOODS: Most...

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ADH Disorder (ADHD)

At Advanced Allergy Relief and Wellness Center in Phoenix, AZ we focus on all 6 steps of healing. This in turn helps maximize the body’s potential for function, including focus! So for people that have ADHD there is usually many components that have led to it....

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Celiac Disease

Celiac Disease is basically an autoimmune situation in which your body will fight something going through your intestines, such as GLUTEN. To protect yourself, your celiac contract causing you lots of pain. One someone has one autoimmune condition, more tend to follow...

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Suffering from Asthma

At Advanced Allergy Relief and Wellness Center, We have helped many Asthmatics since 2007.   Remember, this is why I do what I do, because why stepdaughter had Asthma and I had to help her get rid of it! Asthma is again, another autoimmune response in which your own...

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