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What are Allergies?

The word “allergy” comes from the Greek “allos”, meaning “another of the same kind.” The body has a damaging immune over-reaction to what is otherwise a harmless substance: foods, environmental, or stimulus. Ultimately, your IMMUNE SYSTEM is working TOO WELL!

Most conventional treatments manage allergy symptoms by bringing the immune system into submission. (Anti-histamines, steroids, allergy shots, and oral immunotherapy). These either put a bandaid on symptoms or take a long time to become effective (if symptoms ever regress), and don’t effectively deal with the symptoms of food allergy/sensitivity.

Allergies and sensitivities can lead to an enormous amount of chronic inflammation- inflammation being the major culprit of pretty much every major disease you can think of: from osteoarthritis to cardiovascular disease.

Our Drug-free, Supplement-free, Injection-free approach to allergy symptom relief:

At Advanced Allergy Relief, we’ve determined that the ‘switch’ that permits the allergy symptom response originates in your nervous system’s stress response and NOT in your immune system!!

Your nervous system/brain is recognizing something common to your environment as ‘stressful’. When the stress response is engaged, it begins the cascade of terrible symptoms further downstream in your body. By retraining your nervous system to recognize your allergy triggers as ‘not stressful’, your immune system remains in a normal state and NO LONGER creates the symptoms you have been suffering from.

The secret is in our FDA approved bio-feedback machine, and the emerging science behind Vagus nerve stimulation.  At Advanced Allergy Relief, we use a modern approach to medicine that, for over 13 years has successfully seen thousands become allergy symptom free!

Why do I have Allergies/Sensitivities???

The answer to why you have these allergies can be multi-faceted. Ultimately, we want YOU to be able to take control over your own lives and health vs relying on symptom suppression.

The most common reasons for how we get allergies and sensitivities are:


Nutritional deficiencies– If you are deficient in any vitamin, mineral, amino acid, fatty acid, enzyme, bacteria, etc then your body will not have the building materials to allow you to heal or have normal responses to your environment.


Toxic Body Burden– Our world is full of toxins (solvents, pesticides, chemicals) that we are exposed to on both an acute and chronic daily basis. These can do damage to our health and DNA. Because we don’t see or feel the effects of these toxic exposures happen right away, their cumulative effects go unchecked.


Structural neglect– Neglecting the health of your physical body- its ability to remain strong and active with proper spinal alignment will negatively effect your nervous system and how it communicates with your immune system, organs and other structures.


Emotional Stress/Traumas– How we perceive our world leads to dramatic effects on our health and how our bodies function. Emotional stress/trauma and negative perceptions on self and life can continue to perpetuate a ‘stress’ or ‘threat’ response in the body leading to a host of symptoms including allergy/sensitivity.


Genetic tendencies– An overactive immune system may be a tendency on one or both sides of your family. However, the study of epigenetics (how the environment influencing genes either turns disease processes ‘on’ or ‘off) confirms that your family’s genetic tendencies are NOT your destiny when health is restored to the body.