Suffering from Asthma

At Advanced Allergy Relief and Wellness Center, We have helped many Asthmatics since 2007.  

Remember, this is why I do what I do, because why stepdaughter had Asthma and I had to help her get rid of it!

Asthma is again, another autoimmune response in which your own body is fighting things that you aren’t just breathing in, but also eating. Your lungs don’t work right because too many things are eating at it.

Traditional methods are to take medications. These are very dangerous! They have lots of side effects and are no answer to the cause of the problem. they are just masking the symptoms while the problems grow!

In fact, the more and longer you are on medications typically the more and longer you will need them. Not that you wan’t to ignore your Asthma, but you need to work with someone that is looking at the causes, not just the symptoms! Unless you enjoy taking tons of toxic medications 🙂

In our office we focus on all 6 steps that are necessary and contribute to the symptom of asthma. As you work towards getting your body to heal and function better, you will be amazed at what the side effects will entail with your health..for the better of course.

I can tell you from all the patients i have seen over the years with Asthma, On average – the ones that never took medications were much easier to help and get better. The ones that were on the most medications pretty much always took a lot more work, time and money. Kind of like putting your arm in a cast when it gets broke…The muscles weaken and atrophy. Your lungs do the same, when you don’t use them you will lose them! Medications are like that cast…will make them weaker and atrophy, thus you need more medications.








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