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I see a big improvement in all aspects of my health.

The best place to get your allergies treated. My son had many allergies wheat being the biggest issue he had, my son was treated as a celiac for years. He was on daily adult allergy meds with Benadryl as needed, and on occasion steroids to treat all his many issues with allergies. We weren’t able to go out to eat, because cross contamination was a big deal and even a drop of wheat would give my son the worst stomach ache, and added issues. Around the 5th treatment we saw a huge difference we were able to get my son off his daily allergy pills, which was huge, and he has not needed steroids at all, to treat allergies since. The picture means a lot to me, it shows the difference in a huge way, it shows my son off allergy pills eating a slice of wheat pizza. Which we were not sure he would ever be able to do. I saw such a huge difference I started to get my allergies treated, I should add I would get migraines and have thyroid and hormone issues and asthma. I was not able to eat wheat or dairy any more as well. It was as if I had reached the end of my body reacting and it was shutting down, my thyroid was enlarged on a daily basis and I was miserable. As I started to get allergy treatments, I noticed my thyroid shrinking and my body that was shutting down come back to life. It was a miracle, and I’m still amazed each treatment I get as I near the end of treatments on how much more living I can really do. I feel an ease my body hasn’t felt since I was a teenager. I can eat again, and I don’t get migraines anywhere as close to as often and my hormone issues are being treated, I see a big improvement in all aspects of my health.

Jessica DeMarco DesJardins

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We drove 45 minutes and it was worth it.

I have had 2 separate experiences with Dr. Foster and his office. For me I couldn't drink water and got bloated, needless to say I didn't enjoy drinking water, he fixed that in 1 session. YEAH!!!! That was 2007ish. In 2017 My autistic daughter had allergies, environmental, food, it was tough, she was missing 40+ days of school from allergy symptoms. I should mention I've done other natural therapies that helped a little. I was searching for answers and he came to mind. We did 22 sessions with him and she is doing great. We drove 45 minutes each way to see him and it was worth it. She hasn't missed one day of school for allergies this year, and she eats those "allergy food" sparingly without issues.

Ilene Whipple

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Thank you Advanced Allergy Relief!

Someone recommended Advanced Allergy Relief to me after I have spent the last year seeing 3 different doctors that could not help me with my allergies. Dr. Foster pinpointed my allergies in the first visit and with every treatment I get relief and can eat the foods I love again. I can eat nuts again with no reaction! The best part is the treatments are fast and painless. No needles or medication! I would definitely recommend Advanced Allergy Relief to anyone suffering from allergies. Thank you Dr. Foster!

Jenna Pechman

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Don't wait any longer!

If you care about your health and are motivated to change it for the better, please see the staff at Advanced Allergy Relief! There is no reason to suffer food/seasonal allergies anymore, and to look good and feel great, there's nothing more important, literally adding years to your life! These people are dedicated to restoring your health and educating you on how to keep it that way. They have been a life saver to my husband, myself, our kids to our grandkids all have benefited from their knowledge and dedication and experience! Don't wait any longer! Make an appointment now and save your life!

The Kukoviches

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5 star service all the way!

I can not say enough good things about Advanced Allergy Relief of Arizona! I was recommended to Advanced Allergy Relief by 2 different people after learning I had severe food allergies. Both told me they were allergy free... I couldn't believe it! Now, I'm a true believer! In fact, I'm so impressed with the treatments that I travel 3 hours (one way) for my appointments. Advanced Allergy Relief helped me get on track with my health & allergies. I would recommend them to anyone with any type of allergies! The Doctor & staff are Truly Amazing People! 5 star service all the way!

Jessica Eidson

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We had an amazing experience.

We had an amazing experience at Advanced Allergy Relief. They truly care for their patients. My daughter is 6 years old started having some allergies back in April 2017. I took her to the Allergy specialist not to one but 2 different Dr's. They ran blood work tests and told me she is allergic to wheat and eggs. Her symptoms were itching skin that would turn to hives. I would have to give her a Benadryl to come the itchiness and get the hives under control. I went to a second specialist he diagnose her with URTICARIA.The Dr. told me to give her Chlorpheniramine for itchiness and hives and told me there is nothing you can do. I did not want to accept the symptoms as my daughter is very young to be taking Chlorpheniramine every single day. I then started researching other alternatives and came across Advanced Allergy Relief & Wellness Center. and let me tell you my daughter is off medication for more than a month. She has no hives she is able to have a normal healthy life style. We visit Dr. Dylan for more than 4 months for treatments and they work. Thank you again for helping my daughter with her allergy symptoms.

Kasey Allayeva

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I am so grateful for your help.

When I first started with Dr. Foster several years back I barely had enough energy to get in my car and drive to their office an hour away. I was so physically weak that one lap around Target would exhaust my energy for the remainder of the day. I dreaded eating food because I was having severe allergy reactions to everything. These reactions would leave me heaped on the floor with splitting headaches and in a great deal of intestinal pain. It would take up to two weeks sometimes for the sickness from these to subside. I was ready to go on IV's to get my nutrition. Also, I could only work a small amount of hours a week. It has taken much time and effort but I have followed his treatments and advice and now have my life and health back. I can work 4 days a week. I stick to a healthy diet and can eat so many foods now and.. I enjoy eating again! I can drive...I can country dance...I can make several laps around Target..I can run and do sprint triathlons! I am so grateful for your help, care, and support Dr. Foster, Shawna, and Judy!

Andie Mull

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The integrity is absolutely there

There I was at the ripe young age of 21, literally unable to function because my hormones and immune system were so miserably confused. I had tried every supplement, dietary manipulation, synthetic solution, and even the good old ‘hydrate and meditate’ method until I finally accepted that I’d just be in a consistent state of sickness for the rest of my life. Eventually, I found myself leaving for a $500 appointment I’d made a month earlier in a desperate attempt to receive any form of synthetic hormonal intervention a doctor would be willing to prescribe. As I was driving to this appointment, about to drop a month’s rent with a pit in my stomach, I noticed a sign reading “Allergies and Wellness Center” like a beacon. I couldn’t shake the memory of my mom speaking of receiving life-changing treatment from this place along with the reality that “wellness” is all I had prayed for for years-so in a second, I pulled into the parking lot convinced it was fate. But, apparently my fate didn’t get the memo because they were closed. I thought this was the final sign that relief would be impossible for me. And then. As I felt ridiculous for even getting out to read all the information on their doors, Dr. April and her husband happened to be there on their days off practicing treatments...and even invited me in. That marks the day I found true health. Not only does Dr. April continue to liberate my body to heal itself as it is designed to do, but she continues to prove that all healing, of the mind, body, and soul. is simple. The science is there. The peace is there. The integrity is absolutely there. And yes, the true relief is there. I encourage you with my whole heart to find relief too.

Allison Bretzman

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Dear Advanced Allergy family,

Thanks so much for all the great care of our family! We only wish we lived closer so we could continue treatments with you. We’re all feeling well and Braden’s new treatment for mold/mildew seem to be helping. We hope to stay in touch...please let us know if you ever need a place to stay in Portland. Thanks again!

The Foster Family

Dear Advanced Allergy Relief,

We are soooo happy that we were able to come and receive treatment from you. THANK YOU for all that you’ve done to help our family. We appreciate your sense of humor and your skills at treating our allergies. Thank you for accommodating our schedule. We are excited to go back to Oregon and live ALLERGY-FREE!

Sincerely, Cindy, Adrienne and Braden F.

To the Staff at Advanced Allergy Relief,

Thank you so much for giving me my life back. I have never been off of allergy meds until now!

Amy K. (Fall 2019)

Dear Advaanced Allergy,

It has now been 3 weeks since our return. Gary is still sleeping every night, eating real FOOD without choking, has quit smoking, and has no more tremors! My hands are pain-free- I played violin with one of my students for 2 hours with no problems. I have lost 12 lbs so far and am sleeping and eating with no problems. THANK YOU!! May you all have a very happy and healthy holiday season and a great 2019!! God bless.

Gary and Beverly.

Dear Dr. April,

I am so thankful for everything you have done for me since you came to Advanced Allergy. I am especially thankful that you took the time to go through all of the allergy files. It has done so much for my mind and spirit to be able to say “I am not allergic to anything in those files!”. God has given you a gift and a mind for healing! I know he will do amazing things through you. God bless you as you take on this new adventure.

Andie, Phoenix, AZ

Simply Amazing!

I went from lots of allergy problems to none (for last 3 years+). I did treatments over several years and it did cost some money as well as the location is north phoenix, but for me, it was well worth it. A grass allergy required 4 treatments to finally resolve, but most others required only 1. It is amazing to live life without Kleenex close by or every November having a dry cough due to sinus drip! SIMPLY AMAZING! I’m as surprised as anyone that it actually worked (I was highly skeptical). I'm SOOO Happy I stuck with it as I questioned if it would work or if it would "hold". Seems strange to me that the LEAST painful method would be the MOST effective??? But I can personally attest that it works and for me, I spent probably about a total of about $3k to be "cured" of all my allergies (as of today). Money WELL spent.

Bob Ferris

He has never had an asthma attack since.

First time was about eight years ago for one of my three sons, he had asthma and an array of allergies, at that time we didn't fully finish his full treatment for financial reasons but we definitely saw a difference, he has never had and asthma attack since. We always kept them in mind, we are now back for more with another son and my husband and hopefully the whole family!

Yadira Hendricks

Dear Advanced Allergy,

Shortly after turning 40, I started to notice that I was having reactions to various foods that, up until that time I enjoyed and ate often. I assumed that this was just a part of growing older and that I’d have to limit my consumption of these foods. As time went by the list of foods I had to avoid grew and started including any of my favorites. I even thought I might be developing something like Crohn’s disease. When two of my favorite foods in the whole world made it to the list I knew I Had to do something. I couldn’t imagine life without ice cream and chocolate. I don’t know what to do though. My wife, who is in the mainstream medical profession, wanted me to have tests and is always pushing some drug or another. I’m not one that likes taking pills/chemicals to mask issues with my body so I resisted and tried to moderate my indulgence with these foods. Then one day I was talking to our good friend and she mentioned this new technology at Advanced Allergy Relief. I was both excited and skeptical about the program and said I’d love to try it. The look on my wife’s face was that of disbelief but with her looking on I tried the treatments. The items I knew I was sensitive to tested positive along with many other items. I was astounded as to the accuracy of the testing results. After just three treatments I must say that my life is so much better and simpler now. I don’t have to watch what I eat and can enjoy the foods I loved as a kid. I have found two new items that are affecting me and need to go and get treated for those. I am a true believer! I believe in this treatment so much that I overheard a young girl in a restaurant talking to her friends about a similar issue she was having and how her mother wanted her to go to the hospital for tests. I just had to interrupt and tell her about this treatment and how it had helped me. I can only hope she contacted Advanced Allergy and tried it.

Michael S.

Absolutely incredible!

I have too many good things to say about this center. For me personally my thanks go to Dr. Foster for getting rid of my migraine headaches every time a storm blew into town. Something about Barometric Pressure! But aside from removing many allergy issues I would like to tell about my dear little granddaughter Josie. She was only about 10 years old when she wound up getting a head to toe rash (very red) from antibiotics that an MD gave her. I took her in to Advanced Allergy Relief and Dr. Foster recommended she have a detox foot bath. I decided I might as well get one too since I was there. We were sitting there for about 10 minutes with our feet in our individual water tubs when I looked over at Josie and freaked out. She was turning white! Then I realized that she wasn't turning white she was losing the red!! It was amazing to watch that red rash quickly move down her face and arms and from her legs into that horribly black (by then) water. Absolutely incredible! This center and especially Dr. Foster really know what they are doing.

Donna King

Love you guys!

I have had severe allergies and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for over 35 years. I have been to so many MDs and alternative care Dr.s that I can't even count. I have been in my bed for two years because of the CF. I heard of this place, so I figured, what do I have to lose except more money. I cannot believe the difference in just one and a half weeks. I can eat foods that I haven't eaten in so many years. I am so grateful that I found Advanced Allergy Relief. I am on my way to a healthy life again, and it feels so good to have hope to be healthy again. BONUS: The Dr. and the staff are so kind and loving. It is really a pleasure to go to the Dr. again. Thank you so much for your caring attitude. Love you guys

Maura Simmons

Dear Advanced Allergy,

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for my health. From the age of 17, I have struggled with food allergies. At a young age I was repeatedly put on antibiotics, which impaired my delicate system, and led to many different health problems in my life. Food allergies are the hardest to deal with because eating is such an essential part of the day. The food allergies would cause chronic abdominal pain, bloating and fatigue. Instead of getting energy from the foods I was eating, I would feel tired and drained. I often would feel like my head was in a fog and had no capacity to concentrate. With two small children I would often put them in front of the TV mid-afternoon because I had no more energy and would have to go lay down just to make it through the rest of the day. This way of life took its toll on me, my kids, and my marriage. After deciding something had to change, I decided to cut everything out that I was allergic to. I cut out yeast, gluten, sugar, and dairy from my diet. It was hard. I could no longer enjoy a dinner out with friends. I spent all day cooking and cleaning and meal planning. I felt great but knew I could never keep up this avoidant lifestyle altogether. After this cleanse I felt even more pain when I would slip up and eat something I had a sensitivity to. When my friend in Arizona was visiting me in Colorado one summer for a wedding, she was concerned when she noticed how skinny and frail I had become. She told me about her own positive experience with Advanced Allergy and how many people with food allergies had found relief. I was willing to try anything! I booked a flight from Denver and we did two weeks of treatments, twice daily. I was surprised to find out that I had more sensitivities besides food. I had been reacting to the molds in Colorado, as well as other airborne allergens. All of these stressors had taken a long term toll on my nervous system. Today I no longer worry about avoiding foods. I can go out to eat and actually enjoy the foods I eat. Soon after my treatments I was eating favorites like pizza and Mexican foods: two foods I was certain I would never be able to enjoy again. After my meals I would sit and wait for the pain to begin...but I have not experienced any pain after my treatments. Another added bonus is the extra energy I feel. My food allergies have taken me on a 13 year journey that led me to this office. I am so grateful to have found this treatment and finally experience freedom from pain! Thank you for all that you do!

Lindsay B, Denver, CO (October 2009)