True Cellular Detox

Most people know and agree that Inflammation is the #1 cause of most health conditions.

To take it further, TOXINS are probably the biggest cause of our inflammation!  So if you are looking to get healthy it is very important to “properly” detox at the “Cellular Level”.  Unfortunately no detox regimens I have ever found in 21 years of practice help you detox your body at the cellular level within the mitochondria, nor do they cross over into your blood brain barrier to help you detox your most important organ…YOUR BRAIN!

You Can’t Get Well Until You Fix The Cell!                   

Get tested today for Whole Body Cellular Inflammation, Cerebral Inflammation, Toxins, and much more for ONLY $300!   


  • Weight Loss Resistance?
  • Life-Altering Low Energy?
  • Sudden Weight Gain?
  • Hair loss?
  • Constipation?
  • Trouble Sleeping?
  • Chronic Fatigue?
  • Premature Wrinkles/Aging?
  • Depression or Anxiety?
  • Headaches/Migraines?
  • Memory Loss?
  • Abdominal Pains?
  • Full Body Pains?
  • Allergies?

Watch one of the short videos below and discover:

  • Why most detoxification programs don’t work and are dangerous
  • Why toxins are the most common reason for nearly all health problems
  • Why you won’t get well, until you fix (detox) the cell
  • Simple overview on how the cells in your body work, heal, repair and function
  • How toxins may be the reason you don’t feel well
  • Why removing Toxins is the key to optimum health and reducing inflammation
  • How Toxins block hormones, vitamins, minerals and more

PLEASE click on 1 or more of these videos:


After you watch one or more of these videos and are ready to change your life by addressing the #1 cause of nearly all of our health issues properly, please call or email us.

We will then get you scheduled to test your Toxicity and Inflammation levels within our office.   See how inflamed you are and how much or little toxins are affecting your brain and health.  Watch video at bottom of page for more info on testing.

OR for a much more detailed explanation please watch:

Proven Real Solutions, Proven Real Results with True Cellular Detox!



Please watch this short EXPLANATORY TESTING VIDEO to see how easy, simple, affordable  and amazing our in office testing is.

Call or email us to get started right away!

Worth over $1000 for the most insight into your cellular health for:

Whole Body Inflammation, Cerebral Inflammation, Infections and Toxicity. 

Get tested today for only $300!

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