Weight Loss

Losing weight is rarely, if ever, about just calorie in vs calorie out.  There is so much more to losing weight and looking at the body as a whole.


  1. Insulin – effecting the midsection the most
  2. Cortisol – effecting the midsection the most
  3. Estrogen – effecting the hips the most
  4. Thyroid – Full body

Have you been on that never ending quest of trying to lose weight but not been able to keep it if? If so, there is a very good reason for it, and it isn’t just because you don’t make enough money, exercise enough or eat too many calories. In fact, even with all their money, look how many celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Kirstie Alley have such a difficult time losing weight and most importantly – keeping it off.

Being overweight bares many dangers besides just wanting to look good and feel good. Being overweight is simply a sign of a toxic body with many other health problems, such as diabetes, heart disease, organ and endocrine dysfunction, and especially hormone imbalances.
These problems will lead you to, not just to a much shorter life span, but it will cost you dearly in financial expenses between your medications and doctor visits. Not to mention the severe emotional turmoil within you and your family due to all the stresses that will occur from all these health and financial problems.


With 70% of Americans being overweight, the medical model and weight loss gimmicks are failing us! (Percent of adults age 20 years and over with overweight, including obesity: 70.7% (2013-2014) CDC).

Don’t you think it is about time we started looking into what is actually causing these problems rather than just constantly treating the symptoms through fad diets and gimmicks that only make the big corporations and medical communities LOTS of $?

Weight loss really isn’t that difficult to do if you know what to address and what you are doing. The problem is that most of what we hear, see and learn is from large corporations that profit very well from us through the choices that we make, which are causing us to be overweight. In fact, they like that we are overweight because that is how they continue to make money. Same goes for the medical profession… they don’t make money off of healthy fit people.

We are taught and told time and time again that it is calorie out vs calorie in, or we just need to exercise more, or it is genetics. If what we constantly hear was actually true, why would we still have an obesity epidemic on our hands? If the answer was to just eat less calories, that should be pretty easy to address, right? Unfortunately, these aren’t the only causative factors, there is just so much more going on that isn’t being addressed.

In fact, a sluggish metabolism is the first sign of a toxic body and a damaged endocrine system.

Here are some weight gain causes you typically don ’t hear about:

  • Heavy Metals – we are exposed to an enormous amount of heavy metals and toxins in our world on a daily basis? Did you know that the body’s process to protect it’s organs from these heavy metals is to make more fat? Fat is used to trap heavy metals to protect vital organs.
  • Antibiotics – Millions of pounds are used in the animal industry to fatten up livestock! Of course we are prescribed antibiotics as a medication as well. Most Americans get an enormous amount of daily exposure through all forms of non organic dairy and meat products that they eat.
  • Growth Hormones and Beta-Agonists – Heavily used In meat and dairy products to fatten up their livestock. Beta-Agonists are also used in allergy medications like Advair.
  • Endocrine Disruptors – like fire retardants (i.e. – carpet, furniture, beds), plastics, MANY foods, pesticides, receipt paper, our water supply, personal care products, toys and more are known to completely throw off our hormones!
  • Artificial Sweeteners – used in low calorie diet foods and products actually stimulate your appetite and your fat storage process. Low calorie, but High fat contributing factor!
  • Allergies / Food Sensitivities – puts your body into a stressed mode effecting your absorption of nutrients and metabolism.
  • Medications – many cause hormone, insulin and cortisol imbalances
  • Environmental toxins – all around us 24/7. Around some people more than others.

Now, can you see why it is so hard to lose and keep off the weight if you go off of the old calorie in calorie out approach? In our world of education through mass marketing and propaganda it can become very exhausting and overwhelming for those of us that are trying to lose weight.
So what’s the answer?

To lose weight and keep it off you need to work on a functional wellness approach where you are addressing both the symptoms and the causative factors. Otherwise you are merely wasting your time, money and energy on what i like to refer as the “dreaded treadmill” effect in which you are doing everything in your power yet you are going nowhere fast.

9 Step Rules:

  1. Do a PROPER detox cleanse diet for a period of time to remove Toxins, Heavy Metals and aid in Hormone Balancing. Utilizing many nutrients, herbs, enzymes and proteins
  2. Fix any food and hormone sensitivities that you may have
  3. Do a liver gallbladder flush to help clean out your body’s toxin filter
  4. Do a heavy metal detox with herbs, nutrients and homeopathic remedies
  5. Drink lots of WATER
  6. Exercise – yes you do have to be active! not just to flush out toxins but to stimulate your musculoskeletal system. Doesn’t have to be hardcore though
  7. Learn or Educate yourself on not just what these toxins are but where your exposure is and how to avoid (minimize) it
  8. Balance out your hormones!!! …NATURALLY so you don’t become dependent on an actual replacement hormone
  9. Learn and educate yourself on the foods and different roles that they play on your hormones, fat production and metabolism
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