What To Expect

Dealing with health issues and diseases along with its negative effects is never a good experience. It can be made even worse when a person is forced to deal with it alone with no support that can be obtained from anyone along the way. That’s one of the many concerns that Allergy Relief and Wellness Center helps address along with helping our patients alleviate the negative effects their condition is associated with. We believe that our patients don’t have to deal with their condition alone.

We recommend that both patients and their significant others to come together when visiting us for the first visit. Educating patients is important. But better results will be achieved if the entire family or their significant others is there to provide the support they need and knows what to do to as the patient makes their way to improving their health and wellness.  Everyone in the household has to be on board!

The Initial visit takes about 2 hours to complete and it entails a few things.  First, a cellular cleanse detox footbath while you watch a 25 minute educational video on what we do.  We will then do a system balance. A detailed consultation, detailed testing and we will end with a treatment and an idea of what path we will need to take to get you healthy.

At Advanced Allergy Relief & Wellness Center we try to determine the kind of care patients need along with what they need to do in order to achieve optimal health.  We start by determining the underlying cause of the condition then we work with every patient individually and interactively and discuss what it will take to the needed solution. Throughout the process, we ensure that the patient understands everything, knows the significance of the steps and what he or she should do to improve his or her health condition.

Please make sure you fill out and read through all your new patient paperwork and forms before you come in.


NOTE: On your initial visit PLEASE bring your spouse or significant other with you. They need to be on the same page as you regarding your health and we need to know that you have no road blocks at your house towards your health. This is very important and if he or she is unable to join you then please reschedule that visit.

  • On your initial visit you should anticipate being in our office for about 2 hours. This initial visit will include:
    • Cellular Cleanse Detox Footbath
    • A more detailed educational video on how the allergy treatments and protocols work
    • A system balance treatment – helps reset your nervous system from electronics for better testing
    • A detailed consultation with Dr. Foster that will include: Review of chart and paperwork, your health goals, explanation of testing and treatment, initial testing of procedure 1 main foods, treatment of 1st food that came up and answer any questions you may have about your health and how we can help get you better. Plus we want to make sure we are on the same page for your health so neither of us waste any time, money or energy.
    • Your initial testing will begin then your first treatment will be given.
  • After your initial treatment please make sure that you do not eat anything at all for 3 hours after that treatment!
  • Allergy treatments visits after that first visit will only take from 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Any additional visits, consultations, group classes will be scheduled accordingly to your specific plan of action.
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