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The Advanced Allergy method is needle-free, pain-free, and long-lasting.

Isn’t it time for a different approach to your allergy-symptoms?

Helping Arizona become allergy-free since 2007!

Arizona Allergy Specialist

Food Allergy/Sensitivity

Reversing the damaging symptoms and effects of food allergies/sensitivity.

Arizona Allergy Specialist

Seasonal Outdoor Allergies

Reversing the effects of seasonal outdoor irritants such as grasses/weeds, trees, and pollens.

Arizona Allergy Specialist

Food Intolerances

Reversing food intolerance symptoms to lactose, histamine, salicylates, FODMAPS, sulfites, and others.

Arizona Allergy Specialist

Environmental Allergies

Reversing the effects of animal, chemical, and many other irritants.

A total Godsend!

A total Godsend! My son was couch ridden, restricted diet, terrible eczema, couldn't sleep, terrible dog allergy. Now he can eat whatever he wants, travels, and can have a dog again. Advanced Allergy has given my son and our family quality of life back!

Michelle Lucero

arizona allergist

No more allergy pills.

I suffered with allergy problems most of my life, every spring and fall. 5 years ago, I heard about Dr Foster and decided to try his therapy out. Since then I have been allergy free, no more allergy pills , nose sprays , headaches ,etc . I had 4 or 5. Treatments for different allergies. I went back this year for a check and need 2 follow up treatments. I would recommend anyone with allergies to see Dr Foster for evaluation and treatment. I wish I would have discovered him earlier.

Bruce Schultz

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This is Lfe Changing!!!

I treated gluten at advanced allergy, I was terrified to eat gluten for a week so I could do the blood test for celiac. I carried a cookie around with me for 2 hours trying to get up the nerve to eat gluten. Astoundingly 1 week later I have ZERO SYMPTOMS!!!! This truly feels like a miracle! I’m still having a hard time believing I can actually eat gluten! This is LIFE CHANGING!!! Now I want to tell everyone I know about it!!! Thank you, April!!!

Bridgette Schwartz

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