What do we do different than other conventional and naturally-minded allergy clinics?

  1. Well versed in both conventional and alternative allergy care, we use an alternative approach to allergy care first and most frequently. Our main therapy is a biofeedback system (medical device) that is combined with spinal percussion and cold laser. It is highly effective and non-invasive.
  2. We test for triggers using both alternative and conventional methods including muscle testing, traditional skin testing, thermography scans, blood tests, and food sensitivity panels. Most of the time we do our alternative methods as these tend to be clinically reliable, non-invasive and inexpensive.
  3.  We recognize infection as being a big mimicker of allergy symptoms (especially in people with gut symptoms).
  4. We recognize allergy, sensitivity and all the other non-allergy reactions out there!

See the Change!

Below is an example of a sinus scan before and after a treatment. Thermography is a test that uses an infrared camera to detect heat patterns and blood flow in body tissues. Below are medical-grade thermography scans of a patient before and after a single Advanced Allergy Relief treatment. *

This scan shows a significant neurological flush of a patient reacting negatively to molds and fungus.

After just one treatment, a second scan administered under exactly the same conditions showed a significant reduction in inflammation.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Advanced Allergy Relief Logo

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