Allergy Relief

The Advanced Allergy method is needle-free, pain-free, and long-lasting.


allergy relief treatment comparison chart
allergy relief treatment comparison chart
allergy relief treatment comparison chart

How Conventional Allergy Relief Medicine Treats Allergies

At a basic level, an allergic reaction occurs when the immune system recognizes a trigger. This ‘stranger danger’ information is sent to the brain which then uses the nervous system to relay and amplify the fight response at the immune system level. –

Conventional allergy relief medicine treats allergies by desensitizing the immune system to the substance that the nervous system has deemed harmful. This is traditionally done by administering a series of small injections of allergic triggers over a long period of time, introducing increasing levels of the allergen into your body to slowly desensitize your immune system to the offending substance.

The difficulty with this approach? This process is potentially very long, slow to gain an average of 30-40% symptom improvement, expensive and sometimes painful.

How We Treat Allergies

At Advanced Allergy Relief, our no-pain, non-invasive procedure stops allergies in their tracks by retraining the nervous system to stop amplifying and reacting to an immune system that has inappropriate ‘stranger danger’. We have produced a tested and tried noninvasive process that can provide you with the allergy free life you deserve.

Diagnosing Allergy Triggers

Of course, before treatment can begin, an allergy trigger has to be identified. In conventional medicine this is done via scratch tests for skin allergies, blood tests for some environmental allergens and process of elimination for food allergies.

These processes are uncomfortable, inconvenient and – particularly in the case of food allergies – not always accurate.

At Advanced Allergy Relief, we use a bio-feedback device to quickly and accurately identify allergies, sensitivities, intolerances and irritants of all types. This cutting edge technology mimics the biological frequencies (a digital signature) of thousands of known allergens, identifying which of those cause an overreaction of your nervous system.

A Different – And Better – Way to Treat Allergy Symptoms

Once we know what triggers your nervous system, we expose your body to that digital frequency while simultaneously using cold laser therapy to stimulate endorphins and your vagus nerve. This process sends a message to your entire body that it’s time to relax and de-stress. We all need a little positive reinforcement sometimes! When your body sees that it can be in the presence of the allergen without a response from your nervous system, it significantly reduces and often eliminates an allergic reaction allowing you to live an allergy free life.

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