Welcome to Advanced Allergy Relief!! We are so excited to have the opportunity to get you allergy-free! 

Our integrative approach takes the best of both alternative and conventional allergy care to get you back to symptom-free living!

Before testing your triggers, we consider Allergy Mimickers such as: 

  1. Late and Delayed reactions or ‘Sensitivities”
  2. Chronic low grade infections (especially in the sinuses, posterior oropharynx, and GI)
  3. Genetic Enzyme deficiencies or ‘Intolerances’.
  4. Nutrition and hormone deficiencies

Testing options- at Advanced Allergy, you will be guided to testing options that best fit your reaction presentation. We offer testing options from both alternative and conventional sides of medicine including (but not limited to): 

  1. Applied Kinesiology or ‘muscle testing’- our most popular, pain free, kid-friendly method of alternative testing.
  2. Traditional bloodwork for allergy, nutrition status, hormone status, Vitamin D, etc.
  3. Skin Percutaneous testing (or ‘skin poke’ testing)- this is a traditional test for true environmental allergies
  4. Food sensitivity testing
  5. Mold testing and other specialty tests.

Treatment options- our goal is to get you allergy-symptom free without needing to use bandaids and food/environmental avoidance. We offer: 

  1. Various nutrition and hormone replacement therapy, digestive and other specialty enzymes, gut support and therapeutic diet options.
  2. Natural and/or pharmaceutical anti-microbials as needed for chronic/acute infections.
  3. Neuro-Immune focused Biofeedback therapy- this therapy is our most effective treatment option and has been the cornerstone of our clinic since 2006.  (See below for more details).
  4. Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT or ‘allergy drops’)- a conventional immunotherapy that introduces ever increasing tiny amounts of pollen to the immune system to calm any over-reactions.

Neuro-Immune focused Biofeedback therapy- our biggest symptom game-change!

Our brain and nervous systems have significant ‘say’ in whether our immune system overreacts to a substance or not.  By using a biofeedback system with a 3R red light laser, we can train your nervous system to calm its inappropriate stress response thereby quelling the allergy symptoms associated with it.

Our Biofeedback sessions take approximately 15 minutes and are safe and non-invasive.

Here is the process: 

  1. First, we apply the digital signal of a specific trigger allergen to your body which causes a stress response at the nervous system level (without triggering your immune system). This is a painless process.
  2. Next, we use a chiropractic percussor to relax your nervous system and guide you in some box breathing. This is a very soothing feeling to your body. It also decreases sympathetic tone and increases parasympathetic tone (a good thing!) in the nervous system.
  3. Finally, we use our class 3R red light laser over acupuncture points to increase endorphins in your central and peripheral nervous systems.

Adults average 15-20 sessions. 

Children average 10-15 sessions. 

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