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State of the art technology utilizing a holistic approach through a non-invasive treatment process for the relief of symptoms caused by allergies and sensitivities (Stressors)!

Advanced Allergy Relief of Arizona has Advanced Allergy Therapeutics (AAT) technology, Bioveda's BAX-3000, Bioveda's BAX Aura and NRG to holistically help correct your nervous system by reducing biological stressors, allowing you to no longer respond inappropriately to completely harmless substances, foods, or stimuli.  We pride ourselves in utilizing all of the most up to date, technology advanced equipment in order to get you the best possible results in the shortest amount of time.

It almost seems too good to be true, but it really does work!

I had heard about this procedure in 2008 when I traveled from Washington State to Arizona to visit my father. A couple from his church had gone to Dr. Foster for some food allergies. Their description of the procedure he used intrigued me, but I didn't make an appointment. I was still a bit skeptical. When I visited my father in April 2009, I asked this couple if they could still eat the foods they were allergic to without any reaction. They both said they were eating them without any problem. I decided it was time to check out this method of treatment. While I was waiting to see Doctor Foster, I talked with the woman next to me about the treatment, and she told me that these treatments had cured her son of a terrible peanut reaction. That encouraged me further. When Doctor Foster was going through his initial test of checking for allergic responses, I was full of questions. My list of allergies/sensitivities was longer than what I expected! As he went through each digital signal, He patiently explained everything he was doing.

When my list of sensitivities was finished, my husband, father, me, and Dr. Foster decided which ones we should treat in the three sessions I would have while in Arizona. We could only treat two per session. I made sure that dust mites was one that he treated because in two allergy tests one in 1998 and one in 2002, I tested positive for dust mites. I planned in the summer to schedule an allergy testing appointment to confirm if this treatment really worked or not. In August the nurse performed the standard scratch tests, and while I was resting there reading, I knew that I was going to see firsthand if the ACAR treatment had worked. I have to admit I was surprised when the doctor came in and said you don't have any allergies. I told him that I had had allergies for many years, but I had received some treatment with an allergy specialist in Arizona, and I wanted to verify the results through another test. Because of my results, he wasn't that certain that I had ever had allergies. I told him I have been tested in two different offices ,and that I had some allergies. When I visited my naturopath in October, I asked him about the 2002 and 2009 results that I had forwarded to his office. He replied that my allergist's response is typical of the medical profession that has a difficult time acknowledging treatments made by alternative medicine. I believe that God's wisdom is behind all the technological breakthroughs that help cure people.

Non-Invasive No Drugs
No Herbal Remedies No Avoidance
No Supplements No Needles
No Pain No Discomfort